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Submitting Artwork

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The release needs to be available on iTunes. Before you start creating artwork please refer to a specific iTunes release.

Artwork can be submitted for pre-releases so that it is available immediately on the release date.

You'll need to provide us with the iTunes url.

tip - to do this ctrl-click the album artwork in the iTunes Store


Number of Tracks

Back cover artwork in Sleevenote works best with standard length albums.

For releases with more than 28 tracks (eg mixtapes or compilations) we'd suggest that the default automatic tracklisting is the best option.

See the artwork guidelines below for dealing with up to 28 tracks.


Artwork Guidelines



It is recommended that track titles are as large as possible and take up as much space as your design allows, this makes for generous "hit-areas" for the play buttons.

tip - consider utilising more horizontal space by putting multiple songs on the same line


Bonus and hidden tracks

Sleevenote offers the chance to put more importance on album tracks.

tip - consider hiding bonus tracks to put more emphasis on the original programming of the album (tracks will still play through as normal)


Releases with many tracks

For compatibility with all sizes of device it's recommended that releases with any more than 14 tracks are split into columns.


Releases with few tracks

If a release has few tracks (e.g. a single or EP) you can get creative with the space, for example there could be a photograph of the artist.



Additional Information

We encourage you to include label logos but suggest any other smallprint is removed.

Please remove the barcode unless it is integral to the design.


File size and type

Please work on your file with as many hi-res and vector elements as possible.

Export an RGB png or high-quality jpeg at 2,400 x 2,400px.

tip - Sleevenote uses iTunes provided cover art so you might want to check colours match exactly with the iTunes store image

Sleevenote File Formats



Submitting artwork is free for low-priority turnaround

If you require a high-priority one-off or subscription service please email us



By sending us your artwork you are agreeing to our Terms of Use


Checklist - Items to provide:

✔ Link to a png or high quality jpg at 2,400 x 2,400 px

✔ iTunes url

✔ Special instructions for unusual artwork and hidden / bonus tracks (if applicable)


Once you are ready email us at



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