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"No Music Found" Warning

I know back artwork is available but I can't download

My music doesn't have cover artwork, help!

What do the icons mean?

How do I remove or report artwork?

Can I search to see if artwork is available?

Can I be notified when artwork for my music is available?

As a fan I really really want artwork for a particular release



"No Music Found" Warning

Sleevenote cannot find any music.

- Check that you have music synced to the device. Sleevenote gets music from the device's Music data, which is populated either via iTunes on your computer, iTunes Match (Apple's cloud-based storage service for music) or by purchasing music directly from the iTunes App. Open the Apple "Music" App to check you have music on your device.

- Check the Settings, a Sleevenote setting designed to filter your library may be hiding tracks. Make sure iTunes Match is enabled if you use it. The Sleevenote Playlist setting will hide all your library if you don't have any music in a Playlist called "Sleevenote". By default Sleevenote hides albums without artwork so if your music needs cover artwork you will need to add it (learn more)


I know back artwork is available but I can't download

Sleevenote is able to match an album within a certain threshold but if it isn't showing up the easiest way to resolve this is to check that the info of your files closely matches the info on the iTunes store, and manually edit in your iTunes and sync

- eg: Your album is by"Alt-J" and on the iTunes store it is "Alt-J (∆)"

- eg: Your album is called "With Teeth [Bonus Tracks]" and on the iTunes store it is "With Teeth"

- eg: your version has songs in a different order

- eg: Your version has different song names

We are continuously improving album recognition to limit issues as much as possible.


My music doesn't have cover art, help!

Cover art is sourced by your synced iTunes, in iTunes you can request cover art or manually add it by option-clicking your music and selecting "Get Info". You will need to sync your device after doing this.

If you need artwork for something rare or obscure, often a simple Google image search, copy and paste can do the trick!


What do the icons mean?

These icons show options when an exact artwork match is not available.

Artwork available for a partial album

Tap this to complete the album from the iTunes Store or download the artwork (which may list tracks you don't have).

Request artwork for your favourite albums

We are constantly adding new artwork and after officially submitted artwork we will prioritise the most requested albums.

Ultimately we are at the mercy of label co-operation, availability of existing or scanned artwork and human resources but we accept enthusiast-created artwork, please see our submission page here.

Artwork Requested

Confirmation that you have requested artwork, thanks.

Artwork Downloading

In most cases artwork download should be farly instantanous.

Artwork download error

Artwork cannot be downloaded from the internet, check your network settings.

Artwork Reported

Confirmation that you have told us about suspect artwork, we'll do our best to review and re-supply artwork. If you change your mind or want to use the existing artwork in the meantime simply tap to re-download.


How do I remove or report artwork?

Press and hold on back cover artwork to remove artwork, if you believe there is an error with the artwork please select "Remove and report artwork" so we can investigate. If new artwork is replaced it will download automatically


Can I search to see if artwork is available?

Yes, you can browse and search our database at


Can I be notified when artwork for my music is available?

Yes, make sure you have notifications turned on and we will endeavour to send you a notification when artwork you have requested becomes available.


I really really want artwork for a particluar release

Firstly make sure you request artwork by hitting the icon and your request will be counted with other fans.

If you wish you can also message your favourite bands and labels and ask them to provide us with artwork, people listen to their fans!

If you have design skills or know anyone who does and can mock up artwork according to our Guidelines then send it in to us, be sure to adhere to the checklist or we won't be able to accept it.




If you are still experiencing issues please email us at

or send us a tweet @Sleevenote





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